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Prints, cards and poster all feature full-color reproductions of James’ painting “Quest of the Illuminated Dragons”, his largest work to-date at 6 x 13 feet.

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  • Quest of the Golden Dolphin in the Land of Stardreaming

    Quest of the Golden Dolphin in the Land of Stardreaming chronicles the journeys of a young boy, Jason, through Stargates to the star system of Sirius. He learns what is required of him to fully understand what it means to be a Golden Dolphin in this Golden Age of the New Millennium. There he meets...$50.00Add to cart
  • Spirit Magic Light: A Visionary Meditation for Enlightenment

    A compilation of the paintings by James F. Jereb, Ph.D., visionary artist and founder of Stardreaming. The 113 paintings in this book are for all spiritual seekers who want to recover sacred wisdom and awaken a shift in human consciousness.$115.00Add to cart
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