Most Recent Paintings

“GorZanna and the Flying Elephants” 72 x 72″ acrylic and herkimer diamond crystals on canvas (2023)
“Quest of the Illuminated Dragons” 6 x 13′ acrylic on canvas (2020)

James’s paintings embody sacred wisdom, sacred geometry, divine magic and are portals to the alchemy abiding within us all. They illustrate and illuminate the subtle realms of consciousness that elevate our Divinity. They are portals for personal and planetary transformation. Each painting is alchemical, created with layer upon layer of paint using several media. Jereb’s style of painting is called “Cosmographics,” navigating through infinity consciousness one dot at a time. Lord Ganesha has been James’ muse and guide for more than twenty years creating an extraordinary body of work. His paintings are in public and private collections around the world.