Sacred Site of New Earth

Stardreaming is a sanctuary for pilgrimages, ceremonies, initiations and prayer.


James’s paintings embody sacred wisdom, sacred geometry, divine magic and are portals to the alchemy abiding within us all.


James is the author of several books, including Alchemy of Magic: Paint, Print, and Stone, Alchemy of the Stone: Journey of a Visionary Artist and Alchemist, Quest of the Golden Dolphin in the Land of Stardreaming, and Spirit Magic Light: A Visionary Meditation for Enlightenment.


The Temples of the Cosmos and Rainbow Whale consist of 800 tons and 50 different kinds of stone and crystal. Building the Temples began on Fall Equinox 2000 and was completed on Winter Solstice 2022.

News and Events

The Holy Grail in Art and Sound

A Collaboration between James Jereb and Judy Satori

I was pleased to collaborate with spiritual channel and Ascension expert Judy Satori at her recent Ascension 2023 | Anchoring the Codes of Light event held in Sydney, Australia. Judy spoke energy words from Source Creation that matched the energy of 22 specially selected paintings. This art and sound event is designed to awaken us into our most expansive version of self and soul and access the ‘Holy Grail’ of the optimal soul and human potential that lies within us all.

New Temple: Ascension of Matter

New Temple: Ascension of Matter

The Temple of Ascension of Matter was completed on November 22, 2022. It is aligned to the solar and lunar eclipses. This Temple, and the completion of my book Alchemy of Magic: Paint, Print, and Stone, were the most challenging and rewarding of my life so far. ...

New Book Launch: Alchemy of Magic

New Book Launch: Alchemy of Magic

I'm excited to announce the publication of my new book, Alchemy of Magic: Paint, Print, and Stone. "a guidebook to creativity, magic, and transformation" — Ganesha It will be available on Amazon in early December, but you can pre-order it now directly from me to take...



The Celestorium is a place of inner and outer magic created at Stardreaming Fall Equinox 2020. The structure is composed mainly of wood with a stone heart acting as an altar in the center. The location of this sacred space is between the Temple of Magic/Thirteen...

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Artisan, Santa Fe, visits Stardreaming on naming James Artist of the Month. Interview by Ron Whitmore.
Excerpt from interview of James with video tour of Stardreaming. Includes stunning aerial views of the Temples of the Cosmos. Watch the full version.