Bird’s Eye Film & Video, aerial video of Stardreaming

“Stones Hold Secrets of the Past: Time Travel is Possible” by Judith Fein.

Biomorphic Org
Labyrinths, sacred geometry and organic architecture

Nina Brown
Author of “Return of Love to Planet Earth.” James’ painting Cauda Pavonis is the cover of Nina’s book, and James and Stardreaming are featured throughout.

Center for Sacred Studies

CMN-Conscious Meme Network
“Shining a light on what elevates our lives and spreading ideas that matter.”

Collective Frequency

Dancing Spirit Ranch

For the Next 7 Generations

Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists Bangalore India, Egypt and Bali
James was an invited speaker at the 8th Global Congress, October 2015.

International Alchemy Guild
The Stardreaming website was honored with a Paracelsus Award from the International Alchemy Guild.

Tom Kenyon

Land of Light

Lilou Mace’s Juicy Living Tour

The Labyrinth Society

Sam Osmanagich, Pyramids of Bosnia

Pacific Whale Foundation

Sacred Catalog

The Sacred Center

Sacred Forms

Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Traditions of the World

Judy Satori, Ascension Library

Sound Healing Foundation

Wake Up Now Conference / The School of Now

World Healing