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A temple/labyrinth complex composed of 800 tons of stone, Stardreaming is a sanctuary for pilgrimages, initiation, ceremony and prayer.

Stardreaming at a Crossroads

I have been instructed to drill a well that will bring forth sacred magical pure water to share with everyone that comes to Stardreaming.

We have been drilling for two weeks and are now at a depth of 1300 feet. It is a crossroads for me because I have always paid for what I build with the sale of paintings. This drilling has outstepped my stride.

I am asking all of you that can, to assist me in this transformation, to complete this project. Please visit my page at GoFundMe to read more and make a contribution to this effort.

Blessings and many thanks for your support,

Pyramid of Light

Pyramid of Light in the Temple of New Earth at Stardreaming

The most recent addition to Stardreaming, the Pyramid is composed of 40 tons of river stone clad with 40 tons of rainbow granite. All the stone was chipped by hand then fit together, like a puzzle. The Pyramid was designed to act as a portal for Lord Ganesha, the Dragons of Creation, and the star systems in our galaxy and beyond.

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Visitors to Stardreaming are always welcome. To give visitors privacy and solitude, the number of visitors per day is limited, so reservations are required.

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James's recent book, Spirit Magic and Light, A Visionary Meditation for Enlightenment, is a compilation of 113 of his paintings. The paintings are for all spiritual seekers who want to recover sacred wisdom and awaken a shift in human consciousness.

Spirit Magic and Light