Help Build the Center for Spirit, Magic, and Light

I have been working on Stardreaming for 20 years. We now have 800 tons of fifty different kinds of stone, twenty three fire pits, and seventeen Temples. It has been created as part of New Earth for future generations. It is one of the Hearts of New Earth. It has recently been recognized as one of the world’s magical and healing places.

The Center will be the new location for special events, workshops, Intensives, and a forthcoming mystery school of Magic. The cost and goal for this project is $220,000 which includes an entry road, an octagon shaped building of 1600 square feet, and solar power.

Many of you have supported me and Stardreaming throughout the last twenty years. I thank all of you deeply for that support. But now we come to end of an Era and the beginning of a New Dream. I ask that you ask your guides, ask Spirit, if you are to be a part of this project that is the future expansion of Stardreaming? You will know, it is your call.

I have created a fundraising page at GoFundMe to help me make the Center a reality. Any and all donations, large and small, are welcome.

I have a special gift for contributions of $8000 or more – a soft sculpture doll of Ganesha dancing with a magical box, co-created with a designer. This gift is a limited edition of 13. These contributors will also receive a copy of my book, Spirit, Magic and Light. I have been told the names of these donors will be represented on the wall in the Center . All of the directives for the Center for Spirit, Magic, and Light were given to me by Ganesha.