Visit Stardreaming

Temples of the Cosmos

Temple of Infinity, Photo by Lars Howlett,

Make a pilgrimage and experience Stardreaming. To give visitors privacy and solitude, Stardreaming has a maximum capacity of ten visitors per day, ensuring each individual the time and space to experience the magic of Stardreaming. Prior reservations are required. Visiting times are Tuesday through Sunday.

Stardreaming is available for special workshops and celebrations. Please call (505) 474-5847 for additional information and to make special arrangements. The experience of Stardreaming is a multidimensional re-enactment of the ancient sanctuary for self-renewal, retreat, and healing. The donation is $22 per person per day.

What to Bring:

  • Water and snacks
  • Sturdy shoes for uneven ground
  • Sitting blankets or pillows
  • Appropriate headgear
  • Altar objects and gifts
  • Leaving only blessings and footprints

Center of Illumination

Temple of Illumination

The Center of Illumination is the inner sanctum of Stardreaming, emanating light, sound and frequency with all the paintings. I am told this is only the beginning of what is to come, yet still life changing.

The Center of Illumination is now open daily by reservation only for meditation, healing, transformation, activation, and recalibration. The fee is $33 per person per hour.

I cannot tell you what happens in that space in words except it is life changing and powerful for people. It will be your own intimate experience if you are in a group or with a partner. We will not group you with other people. I want this to be as intimate and special for everyone, as it is your choice of who you want to be with, not mine.